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Doula Support Packages

  • Complete - Birth Support Package

    Birth Doula Package: From Pregnancy through Postpartum
    • Holistic support from pregnancy through postpartum
    • 3 in person antenatal sessions: birth planning & preparation
    • Breathwork, relaxation hypnobirthing tools and yoga
    • Practical, emotional & physical support throughout labour
    • Advanced biomechanics for birth knowledge & support
    • On call period from 38 wks til baby arrives
    • 6 hours postnatal support & birth debrief
    • Support for all NHS/other appointments
    • Signposting and research support
    • Bespoke birth *support* plans for emotional wellbeing
    • A care plan that is bespoke for you and your family
  • Postnatal Support

    Postnatal Doula Package: from £25 ph
    • Cooking nutritious meals to aid in healing
    • Judgement free, agenda free support with baby
    • Light housework and washing up to simplify family life
    • Provide a listening ear to process birth reflections
    • Signpost to the best local resources - IBCLC, Pelvic Physio+
    • Yoga breath/body work to aid in comfort and healing
    • Assist with breastfeeding and establishing routines
    • Practical and emotional support to start your journey
  • Antenatal Support Package

    Antenatal Doula Support Package: Pregnancy until Birth
    • Please enquire via email for more details
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